Monday, March 10, 2014

Rudess Morgenstein Project - Live in Philadelphia

This is the soundboard audio from Rudess Mogenstein Project live in Philadelphia synched to an exerpt of 'Electric Sheep in HD.'

Rudess Morgenstein Project is:

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Dixie Dreggs)- keyboards
Rod Morgenstein (Winger, Dixie Dreggs, Berklee College of Music)- drums

'Electric Sheep in HD'

Created by Scott Draves

Original film compiled by
Simon Detheridge

For more information about Electric Sheep:

You can make these fractal animations yourself on your own computer. Check out the Electric Sheep website to learn how!

Official site:

Edited by Matthew Berdyck

'Electric Sheep in HD' used under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribute.

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